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Your dishwasher sends you little hints that it is about to stop working. Most families don’t pay much attention to their trusty dishwashers until they start leaving food particles on dishes, then a smoky film on glassware. Some families procrastinate when moderate damage has already occurred rather than seek out immediate repair. At My Los Angeles Appliance Repair, a quick service call – often fulfilled on the same day of your dishwasher service request can mean the difference between minor and major repair.

At My Los Angeles Appliance Repair, we are committed to help you stay within your budget by keeping regularly scheduled maintenance visits so your dishwasher and other appliances operate efficiently.

My Los Angeles Appliance Repair is an expert in dishwashers ranging from Bosch, Asko, Miele, GE, Viking, KitchenAid and many other brands! Our dishwasher repair technicians are trained in all major brands and enjoy access to training and certification on all new models.

It is time to call My Los Angeles Appliance Repair 310 627-0707
If you experience any of the following indications with your dishwasher call us now and get a 30% discount on labor (please mention this when calling)!

Foul odor on dishes

Caulk film on glassware

Dishwasher leaking

Error message

Dishwasher stops mid-cycle

Dishwasher takes longer than normal to complete a wash cycle

Food and debris are stuck to your clean dishes

You notice broken dishwasher components

Dishwasher fails to drain properly

Water clogging in your sink

Burning or rubbery smell

If your dishwasher is showing any of these symptoms, we have good news! It is not the time for a new unit; just time to get the dishwasher you have repaired. On a quick call to My Los Angeles Appliance Repair we can arrange a same-day service. Call us now! 310 627-0707

Don’t wait. Call My Los Angeles Appliance Repair when you notice first symptoms of your appliance not functioning as usual.

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